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Wedding Folies

WEDDING FOLIES is the premier interactive trade show for couples in search of the perfect nuptials and exhibitors in all wedding-related industries. Set in a long-standing successful venue, the fair provides future spouses with their entire big day solutions and covers all the facets of planning a wedding and offers a strong national and regional market exposure as well as networking opportunities for businesses.

Embracing every aspect of the marriage industry, WEDDING FOLIES provides exceptional grounds for marketing your enterprise and gives you the chance to organize your big day and assists in designing an absolute stress free and amazing wedding. Experts will help the brides and grooms make all those important decisions: from wide ranges of fine dining options, floral designs and wedding dresses to delicious cakes, perfect photographers and wedding getaways.

Whether planning a large gathering or an intimate ceremony, WEDDING FOLIES is and will be the ideal destination, the symbol for splendor and the perfect setting for the lifetime celebration.

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